• 16 April 2014
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TripAdvisor has examined millions of travelers’ reviews posted to their website and announced the most popular worldwide destination for 2014…  Istanbul (click to read full TripAdvisor article)

A big part of this result would be the perception prior to travel. The reality is that it’s very easy to travel to Turkey. There are hundereds of direct flights from all over the world to Istanbul; New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles have daily flights. Boston, San Francisco, and Atlanta are soon to follow.

The city is beautiful and there is so much to see; full of energy, cutting-edge nightlife venues, extraordinarily tasty cuisine, breathtaking landmarks, architecture, history, and all are affordable.

The locals are very warm and welcoming, so travelers would definitely enjoy the opportunity to experience their Turkish hospitality.

These are just a few reasons Istanbul is the number one destination worldwide.

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