Welcome Swiss, the EDPglobal DMC partner in Switzerland, love’s it when traveling to fabulous destinations gets a little more affordable, so we’re thrilled to report that flights to Geneva are now up to 20% cheaper for passengers attending a group event. It’s all thanks to Swiss International Air Lines’ new Official Carrier Agreement, which gives reduced rates for event organizers and visitors. With such an enticing discount, you might be wondering what Geneva has to offer you and your attendees. As it turns out, this “international city” is the perfect host for a conference or meeting, as it has facilities to accommodate both small and large groups and is full of destinations and landscapes that are sure to impress.

Some of Geneva’s highlights are:

Multiple event venues

The Palexpo and the International Conference Center are just two of the city’s many event venues. Whether you have only a dozen participants or 2,000+, these centers provide fully outfitted exhibit halls, conference rooms, and dining spaces. For a more intimate setting, consider holding your meeting or reception at a place like The Red Cross Museum, which welcomes private events for 100 people or less.

Extensive public transportation system

Transport from the airport to the heart of Geneva is free. Within the city there are buses, tramways, taxi-boats, and trains which make getting around a cinch. Not to mention, there are plenty of walk and bike paths to nearby destinations.

Endless things to see and do – Over 200 trains go in and out of Geneva every day, connecting visitors to some of the world’s finest locations. Although it’s a prime launching point for exploring Europe, there’s a wealth of attractions right within the city, such as:

  • Wine trail – When on the wine trail that meanders from Lausanne through the hills along Lake Geneva, you can take in panoramic views of the green countryside while stopping to taste the area’s most delicious wines.
  • The Old Town – This is Switzerland’s largest historical district and features architecturally stunning buildings, including St. Peter’s Cathedral which has a tower where you can look down over the entire city.
  • Numerous Parks – Geneva is nothing if not beautiful, and with over 50 parks and gardens, there are plenty of places to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • Palais des Nations  – This palace is the European headquarters of the United Nations and symbolizes Geneva as a capital of peace. Visitors can tour the monumental building and view the many art pieces that decorate its walls.
  • Carouge Carouge is a boho-chic village within Geneva and is filled with eclectic boutiques, cafes, hotels, and workspaces. It’s the ideal place for window shopping and making new acquaintances.
  • Geneva Water Fountain (Jet d’Eau de Genève) – Reaching heights of 140 meters, this lake fountain is hard to miss. Although it began as a simple pressure relief valve, it is now recognized as one of Geneva’s top landmarks.

Friendly to International Guests

It’s nearly impossible to feel lost or out of place in Geneva, since a variety of languages are spoken and a large portion of the population speaks English.  Visitors can even find maps and destination guides tailored towards their particular language and cultural interests.

Gorgeous Setting

Above all, Geneva offers a setting unlike anywhere else. With its rolling countryside and vineyards, sparkling lake, and everything set to the backdrop of the towering, snow covered peaks of Mont Blonc (Europe’s highest peak), the city provides a locale your attendees won’t soon forget.

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